The Lunar Tea Company was born quite literally in a dream. Before bed one night, I asked to be shown my next life steps in my dreams. That night I dreamt of my hands blending something — making these movements that felt very witchy and ancient. The next night I asked to be shown more. The following morning it just hit me. Oh my gosh. I was blending tea.

In my own life, a daily tea ritual has gifted me a simple way to ground myself at the end of the day. Each day, tea time brings a sense of calm and meditation to my household.

The idea to centre the different blends around the cycles of the moon came from my musings about ancient cultures and my own personal experience with Moon rituals. It is only in recent history that humans stopped utilizing the cycles of the moon in daily life planning, and moved to the 365 24/7 calendar we live with now. Today, people in new age culture talk a lot about the Full Moon and the New Moon, but what about the Waxing and the Waning? Each phase offers unique magic and energy to work with. By combining herbs based on both their medicinal and magical properties, I believe I have created blends that when used together will aid the drinker in adopting that energy and living a more cyclic existence. In the very linear world we live in today, it feels to me like all of us are looking for accessible ways to drop in and feel connected. Why not start with a cup of tea?